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PostSubject: RULES READ ME   RULES READ ME Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 9:57 pm

These are the official balisong international rules. Violating any one of them can lead to a warning or a ban. Please respect these rules at all times:

1. Do not spam

Spamming is any message that bears no relevance to the forum or thread's subject. Always make sure your post makes sense and CONTRIBUTES TO THE THREAD. Examples of spam include: advertising irrelevant sites, short messages with no useful information (usually to increase one's post count), posting the same message in multiple forums, etc. No

2. Do not flame/insult others

Do not insult or flame others. This includes the use of explicit words directed at others, putting people down, yelling at others for not following the rules, etc. If you have a problem with another member of the board, try to solve it in a friendly manner, or bring the issue to a moderator's attention. cheers

6. Post in the right forums

Always make sure you are in the right forum when starting a new thread. Read the descriptions and decide accordingly. All off-topic materials should go to the off topic section. scratch

8. Do not post explicit/inappropriate content

Do not post inappropriate content. This include sexual or violent images/videos. Please remember that this board is for a general audience, so please act accordingly. Direct link to illegal material (warez, crack, full torrents) is NOT acceptable. Shocked

12. Do not post anyone's personal information without their permission.

It is against the rules to infringe on another's privacy by posting their name, contact info, social network info, or other private information without their permission. This can be punished with anything from a warning, to a permanent ban, depending on the circumstances. Sleep

13. NO CUSSING just put :!@#$: instead

rules #13 and 8 are the most important. so if you skim read make sure you read those and use common sense(which isn't too common these days)

what to do when you see some one brake a rule

when you see some one brake a rule that has to do with you and some one else (such as rules #2 and #12) first thing you should do is pm them and try and work the problem out between the two of you if that doesn't work out then contact me

others just tell me who and where also the sooner you tell me the better if its to far down in chat then its gone
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