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 end of the year Tournament planning

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PostSubject: end of the year Tournament planning    Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:32 am

star wars i have been thinking about doing some kind of end of the year contest kinda like fatoc let me know if you have any Suggestions like the name the time(iwas thinking about nov or dec) prizes and rounds bite stick bounce :cheers:

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PostSubject: Re: end of the year Tournament planning    Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:57 am

well i have to say that's a really good idea :)
maybe we must just call it championship (sure not fatoc) 1 fatoc on you tube is more than enough i think
and now it's up to you and the members to make some creatif and hard rounds!
however this is only my sugest...
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Feuer Frei

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PostSubject: Re: end of the year Tournament planning    Sat Aug 04, 2012 8:30 pm

slaver wrote:
We could each make a short clip and make a promo, me and shankfan volunteer to edit.
Frist we need a name for the tournament and for blackcat to fix the polls.
No need for the prizes IMO, unless you`re really rich and can give stuff away.

my thoughts exactly ... ^_^ and as for the time of it i think along the lines of December would be fine thats around the time most people have free time because they are off work or they are off from school

Edit: you could always set it up like how they have the tourney set up at the free style forum 5 diff categories going at once and they each category get voted on independently it could be a month long affair that way you could enter each category separably if you so chose and then at the end of the moth every one votes on who they think fit the category best like so:


Blind folded:
Endurance (1 min plus no clips):

Like that kind of stuff ... and you can enter all five or just a select few feel me? if you would like i can organize this and do the tourney for you if you want i volunteer.... the more i think about the more i would like to do it
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PostSubject: Re: end of the year Tournament planning    

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end of the year Tournament planning
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